Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fear? NOT!

With absolutely no fundamental reason, or excuse, the US Dollar sprang from the mat and rallied today. Facing a ten-count, and a knockout call, the bounce we have expected for days from the Dollar materialized out of thin air...much like the money the Fed and Treasury conjure up daily. ...And wasn't it amazing how the Dow managed to open 100 points UP this morning?

Can you say PPT to the rescue? Ah, but they couldn't keep the screws to Oil, could they? You see, there are only so many balls even the world's best jugglers can keep in the air at any one time. Slowly but surely these conniving vermin are losing control of that which they so desperately try to control. The Day of Reckoning for these thieves is fast approaching. This "bounce" in the Dollar will amount to little. There is a line of "interests" that now circle the planet waiting to unload their Dollars. An anemic bounce here in late July will just allow that many more to get a better price at this fire sale of the US Dollar.

Gold fought at 677 and then 674 before declaring "enough" at 670. At this "hour" Gold is banging at the downtrend line off Tuesday's 687 high. Gold must maintain it's hold on 670 to avoid further liquidation by weak hands.

Sadly, Silver slipped quickly though support at 13.18 this morning, but stood tall just above 13 at that number again: 13.03. At this "hour" silver has pierced the downtrend line off of Tuesdays high at 13.49. Silver must maintain it's hold on 13 to avoid scaring the weaklings.

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