Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kicked In The Teeth Again

Once again this morning, the Truthsayer and it's trusty side kick were both kicked in the teeth at the New York COMEX open at 8:20AM est. With Gold breaking consolidation at 663.50 and Silver gathering momentum at 11.87 both were slammed hard immediately by the Vermin of the COMEX to prevent their impending Paul Revere's Ride, "Inflation is coming, Inflation is coming!"

The Dollar, floundering all day, as the obvious becomes as plain as the nose on a bond traders face...inflation is coming! As the Fed pumps ever more Dollar sewage into an overflowing sea of liquidity, bond holders are quickly realizing that treasuries are not the safe haven they seek. Gold and Silver are the only assets that will float to the top of this sea of filth the Fed has unleashed across the globe. But the Vermin of the COMEX are determined to prevent that. They continue to hold, and push them under the sea. And like a beach ball, they will soon explode to the surface and launch skyward. In the future, as Gold and Silver rocket higher day by day, we will look down and thank the fallen Vermin for giving their lives to ensure our destiny.

It really was a pathetic day. Gold and Silver, obviously treasured overseas, are mugged and kicked to the curb by the Villains on Wall Street...AGAIN. These Rat Bastids know full well the lies that these two precious metals are fighting to expose: Deficits DO matter, Inflation is NOT under control, the housing meltdown is NOT contained, and the US Dollar is a worthless piece of crap. ...just to name a few.

We'll try again tomorrow, and the next day and the next. The demand for Gold and Silver is rising by the hour. Selling pieces of worthless paper on the COMEX will NOT, in the end, prevent the inevitable. The paper pushers are only buying time now. Putting off the Day of Reckoning for another day. Toying with our minds, by affecting "price", but not demand. Real buyers, real investors thank them for yet another extension of the Sale of the Century. Buy yours now, there won't be much if any to buy later.

In Gold today, former resistance at 658 held as support. We expected resistance at 663/664, but not the bitch slap we received. Silver of course took the most abuse today. This little guy has one helluva score to settle with these Rat Bastids. Watch again tonight as Silver rises in the dark to once again haunt this scum come sunrise. We'll be looking for a close to end the week above 11.80. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of the ping-pong match between 11.47 and 11.95.

And for the last word this week we seek the razor pen of Jim Willie.

Desperate Measures for USFed
Jim Willie CB,

The US financial system is teetering. Its USDollar currency is losing global support, with some outright revolts in crucial territories. The chief private sector export from the US financial sector has been fraud-ridden asset-backed bonds and their toxic credit derivatives. What should anyone expect? For years an institutional dishonesty within all things financial in the United States has been engrained, spreading, and become integrated with high levels of the USGovt. The Wall Street hucksters exported fraud. The backlash might be more severe than the soft soap gurus anticipate. Look for an international boycott. The shock waves in the US financial markets are preliminary symptoms of bigger events soon to come. Stability identified is nothing but quiet between tremors.


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