Saturday, October 24, 2009


Long before the meltdown, one woman tried to warn about a threat to the financial system.

This PBS program was broadcast for the first time last week on 10/19/09. It EXPOSES the US Government's complicity in the destruction of our [and the World's] Financial System. A US public servant offered to help put in place safeguards to "protectect the American peoples money", and avert this financial catastrophe. The US Government and their Wall Street puppet masters told her to go F*ck herself. Today we live with the result of their arrogance.

Most stunning is the fact that one of the main US Government employees who helped subvert efforts to regulate Wall Street, today sits at the side of the President as the leader of his Council of Economic Advisors. How can we as Americans expect this President to "change" the regulatory guidelines of Wall Street, if his "top" financial advisor was behind the destruction of the financial system to begin with? If, after taking the time to view this program, you still believe that the politicians we elect to positions on Capitol Hill and the White House are there to "protect" the nations citizens, stop, and think again.

Please take the time to watch this exceptional program. Pass it along to EVERYONE. Think about it as the midterm elections roll around in the Fall of 2010. Bear in mind, despite what you may read or hear on the news, the worst of the financial meltdown is NOT behind is just over the horizon. DOW 10,000 is just a number, it represents nothing relevent to the soundness of our financial system. Today, we are in the eye of the storm. Batten down the hatches folks, the backside of this financial hurricane is about to come ashore and knock down what little has been left standing and "propped up" by our irresponsible Federal Government.

Do your homework...

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