Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Every Picture tells A Story

Baltasar Gracian wrote that "Truth is for the minority." He also noted that truth always lags behind, and is as hard to tell as to hide.

I don't know about ya'll, but I am absolutely fed up with this BS they call a "market" in New York. It's fascinating that the ONLY time in a 24 hour period that the price of Gold "plummets" is "New York Time". Is it just a coincidence that the price of Gold ONLY comes under severe pressure when the "market" in the time zone dominated by the US Dollar is open? I think not.

If you ever needed proof that the US Dollar is on the ropes, look no further than the NY CRIMEX futures exchange. A visual peek at this market is posted above care of the swindlers at kitco.com. Amazing the calm in the Gold Market outside of the New York Market... The desperation to which the criminals on the CRIMEX, aided by unlimited government funding and exemptions to commodity trading laws, go to persuade us that Gold is weak, and the Dollar is strong. The Asians must laugh every morning at the good fortune these fools that run our country offer them as they give away the wealth of the Western World to the East.

I maintain the vast majority of liquidation in New York the past week is a direct result of "forced" liquidation brought about by the recent increase in margin rates on the CRIMEX. The CFTC, unable or unwilling to enforce position limits on the CRIMEX, has instead encouraged the CRIMEX to increase margin rates in hopes that "forced" liquidations will cough up the necessary positions for the overextended shorts to find "metal" to cover their ill advised short positions. In effect, the CFTC is attempting to kill the patient to save the disease. This of course will fail as this "direction" does not address the real problem on the CRIMEX: There is not enough physical metal in their warehouses to meet the needs of all the contracts illegally written on this exchange.

Take a moment, and send the CRIMEX goons a Christmas card thanking them for the opportunity to purchase "physical" Precious Metals one more time at such a steep discount. How many times now have they raided these markets to "suppress" prices, AND FAILED? Even at today's discounted prices, Gold is FOUR TIMES more expensive today than it was in 2001 when this Bull Market began. Do not be fooled! Gold is going MUCH higher, MUCH SOONER, than anybody can imagine.

Please find 30 minutes to listen to this exceptional interview with Gold sage Jim Sinclair. In this interview Jim touches on a number of issues pertaining to the Gold market and the US Dollar that will explain FULLY the event we are witnessing. This interview is well worth your time, and just what the Gold Doctor ordered:

Dear CIGAs,
Please click the following link to hear Jim Sinclair’s latest interview on www.kingworldnews.com. With the gold market under pressure, it is an important listen.
Click here to listen to the interview…

"China is trying to operate the gold market because they want the rest of the IMF's gold."
-Jim Sinclair

With Christmas fast approaching, I will now sign off until Monday, December 28. Give the finger to this nonsense and join me in celebrating the Christmas Spirit. Be happy and be safe.

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