Friday, June 11, 2010

The Grand Illusion

Gold closed this week at a new ALL-TIME "weekly" high of $1228.10. So much for the suppression of the Gold price... Gold did not break higher, yet, but held it's own quite well into the end of this week. Silver was the stout Precious Metal this week...very nice.

Two note worthy pieces of information came to light late this week that have the potential for MAJOR negative ramifications for the US Dollar: Strength in Chinese exports, and the rising inflation on the Chinese mainland. Both should bring pressure from outside the country and from within the country to allow the Chinese currency to rise. Should China chose this path to deal with their rising internal inflation in particular, the US Dollar is in for a world of hurt. Because the number way for China to raise the value of the Yuan is to dump Dollars.

China's May Exports Rise 48.5%, Property Prices Jump BusinessWeek
China Inflation Rises to a 19-Month High New York Times
China Policy Outlook Murky After Mixed Bag of Data ABC News

I came across a video documentary earlier this week by Alex Jones completely by accident. I began watching it and was completely absorbed by it. Myself and others often refer to "The Man Behind The Curtain" when we are commenting on economic and geopolitical events. This video left my wondering, "Maybe there really is someone behind that curtain..."

The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group. We often here these names mentioned in passing, but who are they and what do they do? This video documentary sheds some light, some bright light, on these groups and the people affiliated with them that are ensconced in our federal government. It is alarming to say the least.

Now I am not one to pass along propaganda. or endorse fear mongering or conspiracy theories. But if you want to watch something that might make you stop and think, or wonder about "what is really going on", I suggest you make yourself a big pot of coffee one morning this weekend and give a little bit of your time to this "story". The title of the documentary, The Obama Deception, is a bit misleading as the story focuses mainly on what goes on behind the scenes of World Government than it does specifically on Mr. Obama. Had John McCain won the White House it might well be called The McCain Deception. If you like the piece, please pass it along to someone else who you think might like it as well...

The Obama Deception


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