Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's pretty simple really...AMERICA IS A FRAUD.

America is a fraud controlled by great criminal minds.

America is not a great country that the rest of the world looks at with envy...America is a fraud.

Wall Street is the engine of the fraud that is America.

If you doubt me, look no further than the New York Commodities Exchange...the CRIMEX.

What you witnessed there today was crime and fraud perpetrated in broad daylight with the full support of US Government financial regulators.

Financial reform is a fraud. It is a fraud because it is promoted by a federal legislature that is a fraud, and will be enforced by regulators that are a fraud.

Now I could go on a scathing rant here about the fraud that is known as the Gold Market in New York. But why bother...we ALL know it is a fraud. Proof is available everyday of the week:

US May pending home sales plunge 30 pct-Realtors‎ - Reuters
July 1 (Reuters) - Contracts for pending sales of previously owned homes plunged a record 30 percent in May, far more than expected, after a popular tax credit expired at the end of the prior month, a survey from the National Association of Realtors showed on Thursday.

The Realtors said its Pending Home Sales Index, based on contracts signed in May, fell to a record low 77.6 from 110.9 in April. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a smaller decline of 12.5 percent in May.

And the price of Gold fell $40...IN NEW YORK

Consumer confidence craters in June‎ - CNNMoney
NEW YORK ( -- A key measure of consumer confidence fell in June, reversing a three-month gain, as Americans remain nervous about the job market.

The Conference Board, a New York-based research group, said its Consumer Confidence Index dropped to 52.9 in June from 62.7 in May. It was the lowest level since March, when the index stood at 52.3.

Economists had expected the index to have fallen to 62 in June, according to consensus estimates from

And the price of Gold fell $ New York.

Initial Jobless Claims Rise to 472000‎ -

And the price of Gold fell $ New York.

ISM Index Drops to 56.2‎ -
An index gauging manufacturing activity around the country dipped to 56.2 in June after registering 59.7 in May. The slide disappointed market analysts who were looking for the index to tick slightly lower to 59, according to the consensus provided by

And the price of Gold fell $ New York.

FOREX-Dollar falls on growth fears; euro soars above $1.25‎ - Reuters
NEW YORK, July 1 (Reuters) - The euro rallied to a five-week high above $1.25 on Thursday, while the dollar fell broadly after disappointing data heightened worries the U.S. economic recovery is stalling.

And, most shocking of all, Gold Fell $ New York.

The US Dollar FELL 1.50 points today [1.75%], and Gold "fell" $40? The US Dollar broke down below it's 50 day moving average today...and Gold FELL $40? New York.

The following occurred last night in REAL time:

Between 4PM est Wednesday and 8:20AM est Thursday [the CRIMEX opens everyday at 8:20AM est.] the price of Gold traded in a $4 range in Asia and London. During this time frame, beginning at 2:40AM est, the Euro began to rise from a low of 1.2195 to a peak of 1.2374 at 8:20AM est. , and Gold continued trading in a $4 range as the US Dollar began to plunge.

As the CRIMEX opened at 8:20AM est., Gold began to fall. Between 8;20AM and 10AM est., the price of Gold fell $8. During this same time frame, the Euro continued to rise and the Dollar continued to fall. By 10 AM est., the Euro had risen to 1.2447.

At precisely 10AM est, as the London PM Gold fix went in, all bids for Gold on the CRIMEX diappeared, and the price of Gold literally collapsed along with the US Dollar. ONLY IN AMERICA!

If Gold fell today because of a "relief rally" in the Euro, as many New York commentators proclaimed in the financial news media, why wasn't it falling like a stone overnight in Asia and London? Why did it ONLY fall in New York?

Damn good questions.

We all know the answer: The New York Commodities Exchange is a FRAUD!

But I'll let ya'll in on a little secret. If you will recall, on June 3, 2010..the day before the May non-farm Payrolls Report on June4, Gold got trashed in New York by $20. Traders have caught on to the CRIMEX game of tanking the Gold Market on the release of the non-farm payrolls numbers the first Friday of EVERY month. So they are jumping the gun now ahead of what we already know are going to be bad jobs numbers. Estimates are for job losses of 100k.

But here's the secret. Tomorrow's jobs numbers are going to be FAR WORSE than expected. I predict that the jobs number will come in at MINUS 200k...or worse. And that is the real reason why Gold got trashed today. And why it is a supreme buying opportunity on tomorrows news.

If I am correct, I suspect Gold will take off tomorrow following the payrolls release, and run like a monkey with it's tail on fire.

The US Dollar was crushed today...there is no fundamental reason anywhere that justifies today's $40 drop in the price of Gold. This was pure fabrication by a banking cartel that is cornered and is facing a run on their banks Gold. Gold that they do not possess. The Gold market is on the cusp of a fireworks show that will tower above all municipal shows this weekend [if they can afford them].

The CRIMEX goons want your Gold because they don't have any. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOURS. Seek physical bullion and purchase it at these insane sale prices. Ditto for Silver.

Have a very safe Holiday weekend. Celebrate our Constitution, and remind everybody that you meet: November Is Coming.

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