Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold And Silver: The TRUTH Is Winning

Stock index futures were higher on Monday following four weeks of equity losses as stocks rebounded globally, led by defensive shares.

Why?  Nothing has changed.  Could stock index futures be up because the Plunge Protection Team are buying them?  Oh wait, maybe stock futures are up because the US Dollar is down...

And weakness in the US Dollar must be the reason Gold and Silver got sold off overnight in London after they surged at the open in Asia Sunday night.  Gold hit a new ALL-TIME high, reaching $1894 just before the London Markets opened for business this morning at 3AM est.  Silver peaked at $44.01 just ahead of the London AM fix. 

The Gold and Silver sell-off, off of the overnight highs in Asia, continued as the CRIMEX opened in New Yok at 8:20AM est.  Shocking!  Silver dropped 1.9% in the first 12 minutes of CRIMEX trading this morning.  It's low of the day at $42.50, $1.51 below the over night high.  Gold lost $10 in the first 12 minutes of CRIMEX trading.  It's low of the day at $1858, $36 below the over night high.

NOTHING can account for the drop in either of the two Precious Metals, accept for the obvious.  Banking Cartel intervention, as the flow of wealth from the West to the East began to escalate, is the ONLY reason Gold and Silver were "hit" in an effort to slow the inevitable capitulation of the western fiat currencies to REAL MONEY.  The Western banks have the most to lose if the Precious Metals pin the Ultimate Loser ribbon on the US Dollar, and the Western banks are quickly losing control of their currencies.

Gold and Silver are rising at a rapid clip now because confidence in the Euro, the US Dollar, the Western banks, and their respective governments is falling faster by the day.

The Truth Is Winning.

By John Browne
The basic unwillingness of politicians to face economic and financial realities has caused the United States and European Union to face currency collapse. The politicians are content literally to paper over the problem with massive amounts of newly printed currency. This means that savvy investors, facing major real losses, are turning increasingly to gold. In essence, even though currencies are no longer on a gold standard, they are increasingly being "redeemed" for gold in the marketplace.

Precious metals now poised for next move up: John Embry[MUST READ]
"Granted, no market ever moves in a straight line. But the violence and depth of the corrections in the face of strong positive fundamentals, are nothing but paper manipulations, pure and simple."

"The good news is that the correction has sent both the nervous Nellies and Johnny-come-latelies packing, while creating remarkably negative sentiment."

"Both results are preconditions for the next move up...something I believe will not only be imminent, but powerful to boot."

Gold and Silver are rebounding strongly off of their Banking Cartel induced lows as I go to post here at 10:30AM est.  I am expecting the "rally" in the equity markets to fade here, as again, NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

4PM est updated

The rally in stocks faded into todays close.  The Banking Cartel induced reaction in Silver off it's overnight high of $44 has potentialy set Silver up for another explosive move higher:

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