Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gold And Silver: Free Markets?

The price manipulations fail when the public goes on a buying spree like they did on Thursday and Friday...and with a vengence Monday.

Ranting Andy Alert: The Greatest Precious Metals Buying Opportunity of All Time

So be comforted, readers, that the gold and silver action we saw the last three days was a DESPERATE, ORCHESTRATED PAPER ATTACK by the Cartel to deflect safe haven buying away from Precious Metals while global stock, credit, and commodity markets collapsed.

And if THAT comforts you, get ready for what the AFTERMATH of this PAPER SMASH took the form of, a textbook example of the physical truth “EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION.”

As I noted yesterday, not only have OFFICIAL RESPONSES to the global equity and credit collapses been brazenly manipulative, they also SLOPPY and UNAUTHORITATIVE. Their slip is clearly showing, as observed by the HASTE and AMBIGUITY of their actions, such as the vague G-7 and G-20 communiques, the blatant Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen devaluations, the shocking Slovenian government collapse, the $500 billion joint U.S. dollar bank credit line, the lack of clarity from the Bundesbank and ECB regarding the all-important proposed changes to the EFSF stability fund, and of course the ghastly FOMC Fed statement following its vaunted two-day meeting. Yes, this all happened in the past two WEEKS!

Anyhow, the situation is clearly becoming so dire, and the OFFICIAL FEAR of a Precious Metals mania so acute, that the ALL-OUT PAPER ATTACK was orchestrated just as gold and silver were about to EXPLODE. By the way, does anyone remember August, i.e. LAST MONTH, when gold and silver SOARED for the exact same reasons the media is portraying for why it is PLUMETTING now?

Unfortunately for the bad guys, they miscalculated what the public’s RESPONSE would be. During past PAPER gold and silver attacks, individuals and institutions alike would curl up in the fetal position, waiting for the storm to pass and upward PM momentum to return before wading back into the market. However, in today’s environment of PENDING GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, massive buying is emerging from all corners of the earth, including INDIVIDUALS, INSTITUTIONS, and SOVEREIGNS!

Between my Friday evening bike ride and Saturday morning soccer game, I was BESEIGED with information depicting ASTOUNDING PHYSICAL BUYING of GOLD and, particularly, SILVER. This information is so powerful, it could serve to ignite the final Cartel-busting pushes above $2,000/oz and $50/oz, respectively, in my opinion.

Here are some examples, both empirical and anecdotal:


Gold Rebounds After Biggest 3-day Drop Since 1983- Bloomberg

Gold gained for the first time in five days in New York as the biggest three-day drop in 28 years spurred some investors to buy the metal on concern about economic growth and debt crises.

I don't write the headlines...I just laugh at them.

Gold & Silver Bubbles, Panics and Stink Bids
By Jeff Berwick The Dollar Vigilante
If/when we do reach the end of this gold bull market there is one thing that is certain: it will not be called by the mainstream media. In fact, the nightly newscast will likely lead off with the "news" readers telling you to rush out and buy gold.

For now, gold and silver haven't even entered into a bubble yet. They are still catching up to the price of everything else... and lag dramatically the one true bubble. The bubble in government debt.

Is Gold No Longer A Safe Haven? Not According To Capital Economics: "Gold Will Surge When Euro Crisis Escalates"

Financial Warfare

by Mike Krieger
What has ensued since the Swiss intervention has been nothing short of total currency chaos throughout the emerging markets world. 

Gold is not falling, emerging market currencies have just been devalued. This is what might be expected within the current macro environment of general fiat currency death as the globe enters a recession within a depression. Things are going to be very, very choppy and I would be extremely cautious in all markets but physical precious metals should absolutely be accumulated on weakness. The system has already blown up and while that makes thing extra volatile and confusing, as JP Morgan said in 1912 “gold is money, everything else is credit.” It shall be seen to be true again.

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