Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Crude Futures Fall to Near $91 After IEA Cuts Demand Forecast and Iran Hands Over Documents

NEW YORK (AP) -- Oil prices that last week seemed on an inexorable path toward $100 a barrel slid more than $3 to the $91 level Tuesday after the International Energy Agency cut its demand forecasts and said crude supplies are rising.

Prices also fell after diplomats said Iran has handed over blueprints key to its nuclear program, meeting a central United Nations demand and potentially defusing the country's standoff with the West.

BULLSHIT! The price of oil didn't fall, it simply stopped rising. Why? Because the Dollar stopped falling. What you've read above is just an excuse concocted by the media to "explain" the drop in the price of oil. As soon as the Dollar resumes it's inevitable slide lower, the price of oil will resume it's inevitable climb higher. Take that to your broker and BUY GOLD.

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