Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pennies From Heaven

So the Fed has a "novel" approach to liquefying the global banking system? How exciting. And I thought Capt. Ben was only joking about dropping money from helicopters. LOL, now he's going to drop it from HOT AIR balloons too. Does anybody remember the Hindenburg? These clowns with the Axis Of Arrogance absolutely refuse to admit the truth...they're F*#ked! Damn, why don't they just print up 300 million $1 million checks and send one to each of us Americans for Christmas. That should solve everything! Idiots...
Every effort will now be made to contain Gold below 813...count on it, ignore it, and stick to your convictions.
Fed, top central banks to flood markets with cashMarketWatch - 1 hour agoBy Greg Robb, marketwatch WASHINGTON (marketwatch) -- The Federal Reserve and other top central banks will flood the financial system with as much as $80 billion in extra cash in the next few weeks in an effort to unblock the jammed credit markets, ...

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