Monday, December 10, 2007


Oh Joy of Joys, another Fed meeting is now before us. The Fumbling Fed, now falling ever farther behind the bond markets, will be dragged kicking and screaming to the table to pound out another Federal Funds interest rate cut. The only issue open to compromise is the number of basis points, 25 0r 50. Since the Fed has now fallen close to 150 points behind the curve on interest rates, perhaps they should just cut a full 100 and be done with all this plodding drama. They're going to cut at the very least that much over the next six months, why not just get it over with now? The great and all powerful OZ is broken. PHIT! Up in smoke goes the US Banking Industry. It is inevitable, can we just get it over with? The more the Fed tries to deter the inevitable, the worse the final act is going to be...FOR ALL OF US CITIZENS of the decaying empire.

This just in:

UBS to Sell Stakes After $10 Billion in Writedowns
Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- UBS AG will write down U.S. subprime mortgage investments by $10 billion, the biggest such loss by a European bank, and replenish capital by selling stakes to investors in Singapore and the Middle East.
Europe's largest bank by assets plans to raise 13 billion francs ($11.5 billion) selling bonds that will convert into shares to Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte. and an unidentified Middle Eastern investor, Zurich-based UBS said in a statement today.

Shocking news, huh? The sub prime contagion is spreading like a wildfire across the the global financial infrastructure. And once again somebody shows up with a garden hose and attempts to put out the fire with a paltry splash of cash. How futile! Soon every bank in the Western World will be owned by the Chinese or the oil producing Arabs. What a fitting end for the Fiends Of Greed that have destroyed our nations wealth.

For some real insight into the depths of desperation the Fiends of Greed are going to, to save their sinking ship, read the latest from Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster.

Well, the PPT started the month of December off with yet another "Puff the Fluff" extravaganza, cocking the gold suppression gun and pushing bullets into its chambers, ready for the next round of market-crashing hits on gold. With the Fed making ready to bail out the Wall Street pirates and brigands on December 11 with another dollar-killing rate cut of at least .25%, and perhaps even .50%, on both the Fed funds rate and its discount rate, we could have expected no less. The PPT always helps the Fed keep on top of its number one priority - gold suppression. Capping the price of gold is JOB ONE at the Fed, and if certain markets have to suffer collateral damage so that gold can be squelched, the Fed does not even bat an eyelash. Because spot gold will shortly be threatening to take out its all-time high of 850, the cartel is once again presented with a scenario, which in their collective minds must be avoided at all costs. Once 850 is taken out, gold will become a self-propelling force! The shattering of its all-time high will be big news that the elitist-controlled press can no longer ignore without losing all credibility. When 850 is taken out, the pros will jump in first with both feet to grab what they can before they start promoting it to the public. They will do this so they can envision the killer profits they will make as they reach for the Rolodex. Once the public comes in, you can all wish the cartel "Auf Wiedersehen!" as their gold shorts implode everywhere. The CEO's of the evil cartel's insider banks will then get their cyanide pills ready as they consider all the gold they sold for next to nothing, gold that might have saved their institutions which are about to explode and go down in flames as the credit-crunch compels them to do a reenactment of the Hindenburg.

For those of you who continue to entertain doubts that stock markets suffer on account of a tiny little market where "barbaric relics" are traded, we have put together five scenarios that will show you in spades how stock market crashes and carry trade unwindings have directly corresponded in time to all gold rallies for the entire year of 2007 thus far...

A full reading of Bob's wonderful essay is essential reading. His attack on the PPT is scathing and quite revealing. One would have to believe that these Rat Bastids days are soon to be numbered in hours. There may be little left of this nation to lead come the November elections of 2008. It is little wonder that Ron Paul's electoral efforts to save our nation and constitution are stifled by the Networks and leading News Organizations.

For the BIG Big Picture please click on the charts above for further insight:

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