Friday, January 4, 2008

Change Is Coming To America

Iowa voters gave Senator Obama a strong start on the long road that could lead to the Democratic presidential nomination, with around 38 percent of the total projected vote. New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who spent much of last year trying to convince voters that she was the inevitable choice for the party, was left in a close race for second place with former North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

Coming before reporters after the preliminary results had been broadcast by major news organizations, Senator Obama focused on the message he will bring forward to the next contests.

"We are choosing hope over fear, we are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America," he said.

Yes, change IS coming to America. Unfortunately that "change" will have little if anything to do with who sits in the White House, and quite frankly, I don't think Americans are going to like the "change" at all. America is going broke, LOL...America IS bankrupt, and NOBODY wants to admit it or talk about it. Yup, a lot is going to change: $5 loaf of bread, $6 gallon of gas, $8 gallon of milk, 10%+ unemployment, a lot more "street people", and worst of all: NO MORE CREDIT CARD OFFERS IN THE MAIL.

What happens to a country that for years has "bought now and paid later" is no longer able to do so? It falls into KAOS as the Have-nots and the Haves go to war. The 60s race riots will look like a picnic compared to the disillusion this country will begin to face in 2009 - 2012. Americans today take WAY TOO MUCH for granted, and soon will wake up to a "world turned upside down" and the "life as we know it" will be just a memory. Can't happen? LOL, remember Rome? Of course the Mexicans will be blamed, so I suggest they hit the road in a hurry.

On a serious note: Today is Non-farm Payrolls Day! Weeeeeeeeee. This is the day, each month, where the government creates jobs out of thin air. December is a notoriously slow month for jobs creation. Why would a company take on new hires as the year ends if they want to make their budget? They don't. Of course the government's hugely FLAWED Birth/Death model will surely help them conjure up some nonexistant jobs. Unfortunately I doubt it will be very many, and Wall Street has finally come to the realization that these jobs numbers are a JOKE anyways. So I don't expect much of a benefit to the woeful Dollar today from any of the bogus econmic data released at 8:30AM.

The Asians appeared to lighten their load a bit into the close today as the week ended there...that is not unusual. In London, Gold appears to be treading water ahead of the revevered payrolls number. Gold opens just before the payrolls number is released and we shouldn't be surprised to see the Crooks on the COMEX try and push Gold down out of the box today as they did yesterday. What an utter failure that was yesterday...

The investment theme for 2008, judging by action so far in the new year, appears to be a big instutional push into commodities. That is a big wall of money coming our way. And money that is looking for a home, and not a park bench, to hang out in. This "investment" money should go a long way towards putting a strong floor under the Precious Metals. This type of "big money" usually rushes the market for the first couple weeks of the new year as it stakes it's position. Expect a small quick "reaction" in prices towards the end of next week. This dip will be a risk to short... A more tradeble interim high should present itself early in February. Feruary tends to be a "slow" month for metals. Be prepared to take some profits then, and begin to look for opportunity that will take us over $1000 Gold deep into Spring. Silver will be riding shotgun for Gold throughout, don't be surprised though if it often takes the point as both move higher. There is always downside risk in the Precious Metals, but it should be limited though the first half of 2008. Gold appears to now have support around 830 and Silver at 14.70.

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