Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Nice Bounce!

I find it highly "suspect" that yesterday's bounce in the Precious Metals was solely the result of a minor news story out of the US State Department. As a matter of fact, to even suggest that the reason for the bounce was this "news" is a ridiculous crock of s#*!

April 2, 2007 — An American citizen is missing in Iran, the State Department said today.

State spokesman Sean McCormack said that the United States had been monitoring this case for several weeks and today had sent a message to Iran through diplomatic channels for more information on his whereabouts.

Obviously the State Department has known about this missing "individual" for weeks and hasn't mentioned it once...why then, do they suddenly feel the need to announce it today?

Sources tell ABC News that the missing American was a former FBI agent, although they stressed that he was now a private citizen and that his trip to Iran was on "private business" and not associated with official U.S. matters.

IMO, the guy's in Special Ops, has been caught by the Iranians, the State Department knows it, and are now trying to "explain" this "American's" presence in Iran. It's called "an attempt at a cover up"...The State Department is trying to "explain away" the obvious. It's all so James Bondish...too bad Jack Bauer is busy beating up Arabs in L.A. to deal with this.

So I doubt this "news" was the reason for the sharp bounce in Gold and Silver yesterday...but hey, I sell produce for a living, what do I know. I know that Gold bounced yesterday at 656 and Silver at 13. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, perhaps not. But aren't our Rat Traps set at 655.50 Gold and 13.03 Silver? The Traps have been tested yet again and dem Rat Bastids have failed once again to steal da bait from us. Each test and bounce off these numbers winds the Traps tighter...their support of our positions becomes stronger. I commend those brave comrades that stepped to the plate and bought during yesterday's sale prices.

Silver Resistance: 13.25 / 13.30 / 13.41

Silver Support: 13.20 / 13.10 / 13.03

Gold Resistance: 662.10 / 664.40 / 668.50

Gold Support: 660 / 658.30 / 655.50

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