Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shining Silver Tails

As I said in my post March 28th, Arrested For Driving While Blind , The ONLY thing we can be certain of right here and now, is that our Skipper is uncertain. Our Skipper Bernanke is up the creek without a paddle.

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- U.S. Federal Reserve members were very uncertain about the economic outlook and changed their policy statement to gain more flexibility to respond to the incoming data, according to the minutes of the March 20-21 meeting released Wednesday.

And you think this country has a debt problem now, where in the hell are they going to get the money for this STOOPID idea?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid new signs that the housing slump is worsening, key Senate Democrats said Wednesday that hundreds of millions of dollars of new federal aid may be needed to assist homeowners at risk of foreclosure.

Gold and Silver remain solid. Today's dip in Silver was very welcome and IMO only strengthens the current leg up off the March 5th low. Folks were buying the dip today as they often have in the past. Please click on the chart above to enlarge.

Wednesday may have ended up essentially flat, but a lot of fuel was added to the fire. Dem Rat Bastids better buy some stock in Aloe Vera cause day about to get burned.

Silver Resistance: 13.88 / 14.04 / 14.12

Silver Support: 13.78 / 13.67 / 13.60

____________________________________ All Prices are Spot

Gold Resistance: 677 / 681.10 / 685.50

Gold Support: 674.50 / 670.30 / 666

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