Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sitting Still

Frustrated? You bet. Oil up, copper up, dollar DOWN...and Gold and Silver sitting still. I have no fear. Patience and conviction is what I have. Dem Rat Bastids at the PPT continue to throw everything they can get there hands on at us. Today they tossed that behemoth Rosie O'Donnell at us in an effort to hold down the Precious Metals. Folks, that is one overwhelming load of filth to find ourselves under. But even the weight of that fetid gas bag pressing down on our market will not be enough to prevent the inevitable. The more the PPT tries to suppress the price of Gold...the higher it is gonna go when it finally breaks their shackles of deceit.

This from Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster exposes the lies of the PPT:

Since 1997, gold has increased in value from $300 to $700 for a compound return of 8.7%, which covers inflation. Furthermore TIPS has returned an average annual return of 5.4%. Gold has returned an average annual compounded rate of return of 8.65% since 1971. That is since the gold window was closed on 8/15/71. Gold since that date went from $35.00 to $693.00 an ounce or 18.8 times and has been as high as $850.00 in 1980. If you go back over 20 years of Treasury yields, the average yield has been 6.21% as M3 increased 7.8%, which is very close to the rate of inflation. That is why as a rule of thumb inflation closely tracks the increase in money and credit, M3. That is how we can prove beyond any doubt that the CPI, the consumer price index, is completely bogus. TIPS and US Treasuries are not the real answer if M3 is growing at 8% or 11%. You are better off in Swiss franc government bonds that do not take that annual 10% currency loss and forget the yield, or be in gold and silver related assets, or both dependent on what is suitable for you.

The big subterfuge is the core inflation rate. It is misdirection and distraction. Media releases site full inflation once and then give all the space and debate on the core rate, which means absolutely nothing because it strips out food and energy. The trick by Washington and Wall Street is to obscure inflation in the 7.5% to 11% range. As you know the Fed doesn’t publish M3 anymore, but we are one of only a few that have taken the time to estimate it and it’s been over 10% for a long time. Politicians and Wall Street want to bury the real ok inflation number. They do not want you to know you are being screwed out of 10% of your wealth every year if you stay in Treasuries. Worse yet, you are taxed on losses. It’s the big lie technique pioneered by the corporate fascists in Germany in the 1930s and it still works because people are uneducated or just plain dumb. What they are doing is brazen and nothing is said about it. That is because government, the media, Wall Street and corporate America are all in on it. They have a vested interest in the system. That is why economists and analysts say nothing about the scam, because they will all lose their jobs. This is how it’s perpetuated. It’s a conspiracy of silence. How can our statistics on core be correct at +.01% for the month when the British pound hits a 26-year high against the dollar and as the euro is 100 bps away from its high? That is simply impossible. Our dollar has been in a process of destruction for 36 years and it is getting worse. Why do you think gold is going up? It’s because it is a true barometer of inflation. That is why the US Treasury and the central banks have a gold suppression cartel. They do not want anyone to know their assets are being stolen. Now you can better understand what this game is all about and why you have to have gold and silver related assets to protect yourself.

Silver Resistance: 13.80 / 13.88 / 13.95

Silver Support: 13.75 / 13.67 / 13.60
________________________________________All prices SPOT

Gold Resistance: 686 / 691 / 693

Gold Support: 681 / 677 / 672

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