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The Evil Empire has A Name, And It's Name Is Goldman Sachs

By now many of us have seen Henry Paulson grilled like an Oscar Meyer Wiener during a recent Congressional hearing. Stop for a moment and put yourself in Hank's shoes. Suddenly you're at the center of the financial universe...or so you'd like to believe.

Perhaps Henry Paulson was correct in his assessment that if nothing was done, the financial system would collapse...sure it would Hank, if one believed the financial system "was Goldman Sachs".

As Goldman Sachs posts huge profits from the economic crisis, the question is: Did it cause the problems in the first place?
By Alex Brummer
No name is more ubiquitous in the pantheon of global finance than that of Goldman Sachs. At a time when world commerce and banking has been brought to a shuddering halt by greed, excess and foolishness, this investment bank provoked astonishment and disgust this week by handing out record bonuses.

Certainly, there can be no dispute that while much of the world is being devastated by falling trade and reduced living standards and when governments are faced with the biggest debt mountains in history, Goldman Sachs is living high off the hog. The group's earnings in the past three months alone were $3.44billion - 65 per cent up on the same period last year.

As the financial crisis unfolded, the fingerprints of Goldman Sachs have been seen on almost everything that has happened. Along with the other Wall Street investment houses, it was at the centre of the scandal under which sub-prime mortgages - provided to the lowest echelons of American society - were packaged up as solid investments with a good return and sold on to unsuspecting investors.

Goldman even went as far as to buy a couple of brokerage firms who sold these corrupt mortgages 'so that it better understood how the market worked'.

Having helped to create a market in which it underwrote $76.5bn of sub-prime mortgages, it sold off these broker firms which meant it had protected itself from huge losses when the mortgage market went bad.

Goldman Sachs's greatest triumph of all, however, has been to emerge from the credit crisis not only unscathed, but extravagantly enriched - despite having to be bailed out itself.

It has achieved this by a mixture of guile and influence. In the wake of the Lehman collapse, Goldman Sachs was also facing the precipice. Its share price was plunging and it had to take any help it could get. This, of course, came from its former boss Hank Paulson.

He allowed both Goldman and Morgan Stanley to change their status from broker-dealers to bank holding companies. This meant that Goldman could borrow directly from the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, and shore up its business as money drained away. It also was forced to allow the taxpayer to take a $5bn stake in the company.

The paradox is that Goldman Sachs had come as close to destruction as at any time in its long history. Indeed, the boast from its chairman, Lloyd Blankfein, to me (at a briefing session for London-based writers) that the firm had enough liquidity to withstand almost anything, turned out to be poppycock.

Even now, Goldman Sachs could not be operating at its current velocity without the help of the trillions of dollars being flushed through the financial system by central banks including the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England.

Because of its friends in the highest places of global finance, no one even dares question the notion that what is good for Goldman Sachs is good for the global economy.

That, I suspect, is a precept that is going to be increasingly challenged.

Here's Matt Taibbi's controversial article on how Goldman-Sachs helped bring about and profit from our current financial crisis. It originally appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine. Please read it in its entirety. The article is an eye opener, and it exposes and offers an easy to follow timeline into the organization that has stolen the American Government from it's citizens:

Inside The Great American Bubble Machine
It began in September of last year, when then-Treasury secretary Paulson made a momentous series of decisions. Although he had already engineered a rescue of Bear Stearns a few months before and helped bail out quasi-private lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Paulson elected to let Lehman Brothers - one of Goldman's last real competitors - collapse without intervention. ("Goldman's superhero status was left intact," says market analyst Eric Salzman, "and an investment-banking competitor, Lehman, goes away.") The very next day, Paulson greenlighted a massive, $85 billion bailout of AIG, which promptly turned around and repaid $13 billion it owed to Goldman. Thanks to the rescue effort, the bank ended up getting paid in full for its bad bets: By contrast, retired auto workers awaiting the Chrysler bailout will be lucky to receive 50 cents for every dollar they are owed.

Immediately after the AIG bailout, Paulson announced his federal bailout for the financial industry, a $700 billion plan called the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and put a heretofore unknown 35-year-old Goldman banker named Neel Kashkari in charge of administering the funds. In order to qualify for bailout monies, Goldman announced that it would convert from an investment bank to a bankholding company, a move that allows it access not only to $10 billion in TARP funds, but to a whole galaxy of less conspicuous, publicly backed funding - most notably, lending from the discount window of the Federal Reserve. By the end of March, the Fed will have lent or guaranteed at least $8.7 trillion under a series of new bailout programs - and thanks to an obscure law allowing the Fed to block most congressional audits, both the amounts and the recipients of the monies remain almost entirely secret.

Glenn Beck. Love him or hate him the man can make a point that is difficult to argue with most times. In the following video from his Glenn Beck Show, Glenn offers us a scintillating look at the web of deceit that is Goldman Sachs. Glenn gives us a relatively easy to understand chalk talk that uncovers Goldman Sachs' infiltration of the US Government. If this doesn't scare you, and prompt you to contact your Congressman demanding an investigation and the dismantling of Goldman Sachs, then why are you here reading this? This is MUST SEE TV!

You Won't BELIEVE The Goldman Sachs Governmental Ties Chart! [VIDEO]

The next video is a conversation about Goldman Sachs that includes Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi, Rob Johnson, and Mike Lux. This is a most revealing conversation, and should further enrage those looking for someplace to put the blame for this Global Financial Crisis.

We Don't Care. We Don't Have To Care. We're Goldman Sachs.[VIDEO]
Goldman Sachs has openly, blatantly gone back to business as usual, knowing they will be bailed out by taxpayers if their high rolling gambles don't work, and they don't care who knows about it.

The reason they can be so breathtakingly arrogant, so stunningly cavalier about not giving a damn about things that any other company's PR and government relations department would advise them against, is that they know they have the power to do anything they want to do. The Obama White House needs to take Goldman Sachs to the woodshed rhetorically, and they should have the Justice Department investigating them for anti-trust violations and all manner of stock manipulation. It is time to start squeezing the management at Goldman, and making them nervous about being broken up into pieces that are not too big to fail.

Goldman Sachs: A Vampire On The Jugular of America
By Darryl Robert Schoon
We are in for some truly terrible times. The green shoots “seen” by Geithner and Bernanke make the LSD-based hallucinations of my generation seem rooted in rational experience; but those believing in these hallucinatory green shoots will find reality to be far different when the banker’s world of credit-based paper disintegrates.

According to Mancur Olsen’s theory, it is the dominance of special interest groups, e.g. the bankers, the healthcare industry, the military-industrial complex, etc., that led to the demise of the power and influence of the US.

Bankers are well aware of this entropic decline and are repositioning themselves in China and other nations where expansion still seems to be the order of the day. In this, they will fail, for the collapse of the West’s paper-based financial system will affect all nations, not just those now in decline.

Credit-based capital markets are in extreme distress everywhere and were it not for heavy government aid and intervention, they would have already collapsed. The bankers’ credit-based paper money has weakened the entire global economy and when it collapses, all credit-based paper money could be virtually worthless with only gold and silver retaining monetary value.

The case for gold and silver is simple as it is old; as the same story has been repeated during the last 1,000 years, first in the East then in the West. Gold and silver were money. Then paper currencies backed by gold and silver were introduced by bankers and governments and were substituted for gold and silver. Then gold and silver were removed from paper money because governments had spent the gold while printing more and more paper money. As a result, every experiment with paper money ended in disaster.

This is the true cost of accepting the banker’s paper coupons as money. Over time, the banker’s paper money loses more and more value. We are in the end-times of our experiment with the bankers’ paper money and the system it gave rise to, credit-based capital markets.

Those who have their wealth invested in paper-based IOUs, e.g. treasuries, bonds, etc., will suffer the most in the coming meltdown. In the coming days, paper-based IOUs will become increasingly worthless and in the coming years, most IOUs will have little or no value, including government treasuries and currencies, as IOUs increasingly become ICPs—I Can’t Pay.

This is because the largest bubble of capitalism’s end-game is being formed right now, a bubble of stupendous proportions, a bubble composed of extraordinary amounts of government debt; and, when this bubble bursts, governments and their citizens will be its victims.

Of course, Goldman Sachs and the rest of the paper boys are hoping the vast majority of investors will continue to believe in their paper promises and will continue to leave their paper money on the table, their table, and to let the bankers do with it what they will.

This is the reason that financial interest groups have marshaled their considerable resources to defend paper markets against the increasing threat of rising prices of gold and silver as the price of gold and silver indicates the level of systemic distress in paper-based capital markets.

Over the past decade, private bankers have emptied national treasuries of gold bullion, selling this bullion on the open market in order to keep the price of gold low in order to mask the increasing vulnerability of their paper-based assets.

The US claims the US Treasury still holds approximately 7,000-8,000 tons of gold but has not allowed a public audit of its reserves since 1954; and since 1999 the UK and Swiss have seen their gold reserves decimated as bankers freely sold their gold in order to cap the rise in the price of gold to keep the banker’s paper money scheme intact.

This is perhaps the last opportunity for private investors to purchase gold when it is being diverted from public treasuries in order to keep gold prices artificially low. These publicly subsidized prices will not be available forever; for when the banker’s Ponzi-scheme of paper money collapses, gold will never again be this cheap.

But most investors will continue to play the banker’s game with the banker’s paper money and continue to invest in paper assets as it is the only game they know. What they don’t know is that the banker’s game is almost over; and, for those who understand what is happening, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to profit—and to survive.

Every American MUST be educated on the TRUTH about the fall of their Government via the coup organised by Goldman Sachs and its alumni. This it what happens when Americans don't pay attention, and put far too much "faith" in their Government. The "evil empire" that threatens America, threatens it from deep within. And that evil has a name, and it's name is Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs, and its surrogate the US Federal Reserve, must be destroyed if we are to save our country, and save our constitution. Contact your Congressman TODAY!

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