Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Geithner: US to address deficits after recovery
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he has reassured China that the United States will take steps to address rising budget deficits once the economic recovery is firmly in place.

China has huge investments in the United States and has worried it could be undermined by U.S. budget deficits. Geithner says the Obama administration plans to reverse the spending of hundreds of billions of dollars devoted to stimulating the economy and propping up a teetering financial system.

Geithner spoke at a news conference Tuesday capping two-days of high-level talks between Chinese envoys and U.S. officials.

LOL! When pigs fly! Timmy, you assume to much. Recovery? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Good luck! Someday maybe... Maybe not. Why not promise the Chinese you will build a bridge across the Pacific from San Francisco to China. Timmy, you are fool. It would be difficult to categorize anybody that believes you will get US budget deficits under control. The only certainty pertaining to this "problem" is that if and when US budget deficits are ever brought under control, YOU and the Obama will be mere footnotes in history. Neither of you will have done a damn thing to reign in US Government spending by the time you are banished from office. In fact, I will predict here and now that US Government spending as a percent of GDP will be higher on Election Day in 2012 than it is today.

What we witnessed today in the currency markets, the bond markets, and the commodity markets was pure unadulterated BULLSHIT. Nothing fundamentally changed today to warrant purchasing the US Dollar or US Treasuries. NOTHING! Nothing fundamentally changed today to warrant a $20 drop in the price of Gold. NOTHING! What we witnessed today was a naive US Government trying to pull the wool over the Chinese eyes. The Chinese must be laughing all the way back to the Mainland.

"Who are they kidding?" They must be asking themselves as they pause to catch their breath after each belly laugh.

The Chinese know, the Russians know, the Brazilians know, the Indians know, the whole freakin' World knows the USA is addicted to spending money. Spending money they don't have...

LOL, recovery! The USA's economy has been all but destroyed by a multi-megaton debt bomb. And their only answer to the crisis is to borrow and spend more money? Wake up America! You cannot spend your way to prosperity! You're damned if you continue to spend, and you're damned if you stop spending. Folks, AMERICA IS F***ED!

Little Timmy, do us all a favor: SHUT THE F*** UP!

Recovery? What makes these government stooges think there is even/ever going to be a recovery? Hoping for one isn't going to bring one. Wishing for one won't help much either. Pretending there is one, will only make the likelyhood of there ever being one even more remote.

Little Timmy, what if there is no recovery? What will you promise the Chinese then?

The charts posted above tell the whole story of why the US Government had to once again step into the markets to make things "appear" better than they really are. [As in "see, here's our recovery now..."] The US Dollar has been pressuring support at it's recent interim low at 78.33 for the past four days. The Dollar craps out here, and the US Government is exposed for what it is: penniless and buck naked before the entire World.

Gold is up against and attempting to take out major resistance at 957 as the Dollar clings to the edge of another cliff. The Dollar loses it's grip, and Gold explodes upwards in price.

The energy building up in Gold because of US Government suppression of it's price is about to go off the scale. The beach ball has been pushed underwater just about as far as anybody can hope to hold it. Consider the price of Gold the last time the US Dollar Index plumbed the depths it is at right now. June 2, 2009, the Dollar's low that day was 78.33. On the very next day Gold reached a high of 989.80.

Today, the Dollar gets pushed to the edge of it's fiat money grave, again hitting the low of exactly 78.33, AND GOLD IS SMASHED FOR A $20 LOSS AND A PRICE TAG OF 934.60?

The US Dollar is sitting at the exact same price it was at 8 weeks ago, and Gold is $55.20 lower in price? This goes beyond the absurd. This goes beyond criminal. THIS IS WAR!

The harder the US Government presses it's fat ruddy thumb down on Gold, the higher the price the US Government is going to pay for it's theft of World savings. The price of Gold is about to teach the US Government a lesson it will not soon forget.

The TRUTH is out there people. It's name is Gold, and patience is it's virtue. Soon the TRUTH will expose the lie that is the US Government. And Little Timmy, I promise you this: You can't handle the TRUTH, and this time the TRUTH is really gonna hurt...

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